GESTAR Launches New Software

Posted by Michel Roberge

It is with pride that Gestar Experts Gouvernance Documentaire presents its new software for the integrated records management: Documentik® GID. A software that integrates all types of classification schemes, automatically calculates the retention periods of documents regardless of the data carrier, produces identification labels for containers and respects the records management standards, including those recommended by the various ISO standards.

A software of Integrated Records Management (IRM) easy to use for both paper and technology formats; powerful and complete for registration, description, retrieval, consultation and management of all life cycle of your documents, your administrative records and your permanent preservation of archival material in any format.

  • Paper and electronic document management
  • Emails management
  • Custom metadata management
  • Classification scheme management
  • Managing the life cycle and decommissioning
  • Very granular security system (job classification, records, documents, metadata)
  • Management of minor and major versions
  • Search engine (simple and advanced)
  • Monitoring of files
  • Managing labels
  • Reports generation

For efficient management of
  • active and semi-active administrative documents
  • vital documents
  • permanent preservation of archival records
  • reference documentation (monographs, periodicals ...)
  • technical documentation, thematic, legal ...

For the management of all your documents no matter the type and format:
  • physical files
  • emails
  • computer files
  • scanned documents or files
  • web pages (Internet, intranet or extranet)
  • microforms (microfiches, rolls microfilm, aperture cards)
  • containers (boxes) semi-active records and archival documents

To record your knowledge, skills and expertise related for documents or files.

A Complete Solution For Your Business

Posted by Nicolas Thibodeau

Gestar offers a team of experts who will assist your staff in the integration and use of this computer tool for recording, tracking, utilization and management of the lifecycle of your documents. Our packages include, among others, the installation of Documentik® GID on your server, a maintenance program and license updates for the first year and an initial start-up and on-site support program on its use.

Package Documentik GID
This package includes :
  • The installation of the application on your server.
  • A maintenance program and update (new versions) of the license valid for 1 year.
  • The initial start-up and on-site support program on the use of the software (valid predetermined number of days for 12 months from the date of installation of the software).

Open to the organization of an information governance expert professional resource to accompany staff on site in the start, learning and support for the administrator and users of the software. This program aims to transmit knowledge and know-how to the persons designated by the organization in order to gradually increase their skills and knowledge of various features of the software solution.

Day / person chosen package can be divided according to customer needs:
  • Parameterization software with metadata management.
  • Adjustment of the training program based on specific needs.
  • Training and support of the software administrator.
  • Group training users on the characteristics and basic software functionality.
  • Individual coaching of trainees: practical application of theoretical knowledge.
  • Periodic visits support of the people involved: validation of the work, compliance use, methodological adjustments ...
  • Assessment report and recommendations after surgery.

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